Protect your property or business with a Professionally installed security system

Protect your family and belongings with a security system and CCTV system installed to British standards.

Here at ELR Integrated Systems we understand that no two properties are the same and everybody's security needs are not the same. That is why we will build a system catered specifically to your needs. From small to large buildings we will use a mixture of wired and wireless technology to protect every corner of your property, even out buildings and external areas can be covered. Your system will be Individually designed to your needs from pet friendly detectors, fire and carbon dioxide sensors and even water leak detection you can rest assured that your property is protected in every way. you can also add the mobile APP to your system and receive real time notifications straight to your phone.

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The Pro Control+ APP lets you control and monitor your alarm system straight from your smart devices. From setting and un-setting to receiving alarm notifications in real time, you can also add different users so the APP which will let you when your kids set and unset the system so you know when they get back from school.


You can also connect your Hikvision CCTV systems to the APP to get live pictures straight from your property, so if you get an alarm notification you can see in real time what is happening and take the appropriate action.


There is also the ability to have more than one system active at a time so you can keep an eye on the vulnerable people in your life with fall and assistance alarm notifications.


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